My Library



A personal library for learning purposes. As a common library, the books are classified by subjects (created by you). Selecting a subject, you will see the assigned books.

This is a functional example of a Website using these current and fantastic technologies:

Server Side

  • NodeJS: the motor
  • MongoDB: the memory, executing queries
  • ExpressJS: dispatching responses from client’s requests using REST services, CORS


  • Angular: workflow, REST services using ui-router
  • Google Books API: JSON data
  • JQuery: DOM, used by Bootstrap
  • Bootstrap: UI (don’t pay attention to UX because we’re focused on functionality)

It shows some how to‘s and other details about MongoDB and routing with AngularUI Router.

It’s very simple. Look for books by taping the title/subject and then choose one from the list. This list come from Google’s servers.

Click on any book to edit its details. This specific data is stored into our MongoDB database, not Google’s. To edit your bookshelf of Google Books, visit the Google Books API page. This info won’t go to Google because I want explain you MongoDB boundaries and functionalities (not all but enough to make functional this example).