Representational State Transfer (REST) at Front-End (AngularJS) and Back-End

When I started the myLibrary project, I invest some of my time to try and analyze a few choices out there on Internet to put on the Front-End and Back-End. Then AngularJS, an excellent choice as Front-End and ExpressJS working as Back-End.

But down the road, I found that either AngularJS and ExpressJS offer REST functionality. So, which one to use to talk to MongoDB? I could have used only AngularJS with its $http service to get data from the database, but I have decided to maintain independent the Front-End of Back-End. Development and experience aspects!

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Consuming data with AngularJS

We often want to display data coming from sources like our databases, but also we can do it sending requests to web services that are out of range of our network to get that data. In our example, we’ll use data stored in Google’s servers using the Book API that returns data in JSON format.

Here’s the final result:


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